February 10, 2016

Paper Pumpkin Inspiration

I know I mentioned that I've been busy with My Paper Pumpkin lately. I don't think I have any supplies left in my last three boxes... except maybe a few scraps here and there. :) I have just been loving what they send to us, even if I don't stick to 'the plan' perfectly ;)

Here are the valentines I made my family with the most recent january kit:

You can see that for the kiddos two pouches I stuck pretty close to the directions. Stamp, stick together, decorate, and done! But the more I looked at these heart shapes, the less I saw 'conversation hearts' and the more I saw an old fashioned doily heart :) Which brought me to the special one I made for the hubby.

To get the ruffled edge I grabbed two doilies and cut off the edge. Then I added some fast fuse along the whole back edge of my heart. Starting at the bottom point I attached the doily edging to the heart, adding a little ruffling here and there to keep the paper straight along the edge. Then when I got to the rounded part it followed the curve of the doily quite nicely on its own (although I still ruffled it a little, just to keep it consistent). I repeated the process on the other side with the second doily edge and it was complete :)

I did also add a couple of rhinestones to this one- just to give it a little extra sparkle :) Now, I've got to find some fun candy to fill these hearts up with for my three sweethearts!

Flutterby again soon to see what I did with the rest of my kit!

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