August 3, 2015

Endless Alphabet Gift Card Holder

Sorry about all the radio silence lately. I feel like breaking out in song... "This is the cold that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friends..." Well, you get the idea. It has pretty much been a month now and I'm just starting to feel normal. So fingers crossed that it finally goes away soon!

This past weekend we went to a birthday party for my nephew. He is a big fan of the Endless Alphabet game but was getting to old for it and was ready for the next game- Endless Reader. So we got him some iTunes gift cards to buy it with, and of course we had to present them in style ;)

The image on the card is actually a screenshot from the Endless Alphabet game. It was printed out multiple times (4 to a sheet of paper- and we had 2 sheets!) and then mom and I set about fussy cutting out various areas to pop-up on dimensionals. It actually didn't take to long at all, and the results were so worth it. Look at all those layers of character!

And of course, inside we had to have the monster again, except this time he was holding the gift cards in his mouth. Just the perfect presentation for his gift. He was pretty excited to have a new game to play. Success!

Flutterby again soon!

P.S. This post was in no way sponsored by Endless Alphabet game series. However, if you have kiddos (toddler thru grade schooler) in your life I HIGHLY recommend that you check them out in the iTunes Store. You can try all the games for free, and the part you pay for is additional word bundles. They are a little more pricy than some kids apps, but I promise you they are totally worth the cost. My barely 2yr old knows a bunch of his letters and letter sounds already- and I credit this totally to the game. The older kid games help with sight words, rhyming, numbers, and there is even a new spanish one. They are an excellent education tool, and the kids don't even know they are learning. They just think they are having fun ;)

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