May 2, 2015

How I'm Backing Up MDS: Part 4 External Backups

Alright. I hope you've got all your content downloaded because now we are going to back it up to a spot external to your computer. The whole point in backing up your installers is to be able to reinstall them in the sad event that your computer crashes, so keeping the installers on your computer would not be an ideal storage location :)

In my video I will cover how to use an external hardrive (or jump drive- which is smaller but works the same way) and how to burn a cd/dvd. Online backup services are also available- but these would be specific to the service you choose, so if you go this route just follow the instructions given by your site.

I plan to keep one of my external copies on a hard drive that we keep at our home... the same one I make backups of all my photos too. The other copy I will make will be on dvd (they hold way more than cds) and storing them at my folks house- in case my computer and our external drive are taken out by the same catastrophe.

I hope this helps you out! Flutterby again soon. I've got a special backup segment for the program files (as opposed to the content files) coming next week.

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