September 12, 2014

Koala Candy

Here is a card that should just make you smile and go 'awe'. Isn't he just a cute little critter!

This was my mom, Michelle Lembcke's, swap at our last meeting. It is using the single stamp Kinda Koala, in which the koala is holding up a little flower. However, I love that she turned the flower into a balloon- he would be perfect for a birthday now :)

Also, if you look closely, you will noticed that he isn't really colored in, but washed over in a watercoloring fashion. This was achieved by stamping the brown with the Work of Art stamp set. To recreate it yourself ink up the smaller brushstroke stamp and starting at the bottom of the koala stamp three times going upward WITHOUT reinking (this will give you the fading effect towards his head). Then just add a bit of red accents and he is adorable!

Flutterby again soon!

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