August 25, 2014

April Paper Pumpkin

This past weekend we were up at the family lake cabin, and after watching my kiddos play (aka making sure they don't kill themselves somehow... yes I am the referee between my son and death) I decided I needed a 'Mommy break' for awhile.

Thankfully my mom had with some of the paper pumpkin boxes she hadn't created yet, and so I happily dove into one. And it was adorable (can't believe I missed out on this one!).

The kit is aimed towards a Mother's Day gift- a piece of framed 3-D art with wrapping even included. Isn't it an adorable present?

And then here is what it looks like completed per the directions:

But even once you finish that they've included lots of extras. There is enough to make 2 copies of the art inside the frame (only one frame though) and 12 tags. If you flutterby again later you will see what other beauties I created next with just a little extra white cardstock :)

To check out Paper pumpkin just click here:

Have a wonderful day, and flutterby again soon!

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