March 20, 2014

Come Back Spring!!

I don't know how many of you are in the midwest like me, but spring had finally come for us. The birds were even singing their happy spring serenades. But, alas, spring was only here for a short time- now it has been violently ripped away by more cold and storms :( Brrr.... I'm pretending that it isn't happening. I refuse to believe my eyes this week.

So let's think happy spring thoughts today while we await the return of springtime. Like this festive, flowery spring card by my friend and fellow demo Tara. Isn't it beautiful!

I really like how she layered our two sets of matching flowers and punches. The larger of the two is the Flower Shop Bundle from the main catalog, and then the smaller is the Petite Petals Bundle from the spring mini. I can't tell you how much I love having these matching stamp and punch sets. I absolutely detest cutting detailed designs out by hand. If you tried to make me cut out these flowers I may just have to tell you where to put that scissor (why back in your craft box of course... what did you think I was going to say ;) ) and I probably wouldn't even buy the stamp set myself. But give me a punch and I'm one happy camper :)

Alright, now I need you to do me a big favor. Cross your fingers, tap your heals together three times, or do whatever you have to to send spring back home to us now. Did you do it? Yay- a big thanks from all of us here in bitter cold MN.

Hope you (and spring) flutterby again soon!

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