December 16, 2013

Christmas Countdown

Only a couple of days left before Christmas- if you haven't started to countdown with your kids yet there is still time!

Here is what Elli and I are doing to watch Christmas get closer:

Isn't it fun? Best part is that it was super easy to make with her too. First I threw this sheet together in MDS. If you click on it it will come up full size and then you can print it up too!

The squares are sized big enough to fit the scallop square punch- so just cut the printout into strips and the punch out the numbers you need. Elli loves helping me punch!

The rings were made from the Season of Style paper stack. So if you have one handy that will be great! Otherwise you could use any Christmas paper or plain cardstock. I cut the strips 6.5" x 3/4" which should give you 6 strips per sheet of the paper stack (I actually made two of these- for the first I cut 4 per sheet of paper stack but I didn't like the finished look as much). Then staple them into rings and tape the countdown numbers on. And you've got an adorable little countdown!

Elli keeps asking me "Are we counting down Mom? Are we counting down right now!?!" She is so cute. Just old enough to really get into the anticipation of Christmas. I can't wait to share the season with her :)

Hope your holiday season is Merry and Bright!

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