November 17, 2012

This Party is Tutu Cute (Part 1)

Sorry to leave you all hanging on how the party turned out. We had such a blast last weekend! And since then it has been so busy I haven't even gotten most of the decorations down (which my daughter loves because it gives her more chances to give all her "friends" kisses- see the fun wall mural I found). So, without further ado, let's jump into the party!

The guests were first greated at the door by the adorable tutu wreath. I thought it turned out stellar (and the tulle was even sparkly for that extra girly effect)!

Then there was the desert and favor table. It of course would not be complete without a tutu of it's own!

Check out the cupcake toppers up closer. I printed them up and punched them out with the large scallop circle punch (want the printable? see this post: Dancin on the Cupcakes). I also punched out a plain white piece for the back. Using a little bit of sticky strip it was easy to then attach the two pieces onto a lollipop stick (available in craft isles). Fast, fun, and tutu cute :) Oh, and yes, that is a loofah on top of the cupcake stand- he looked like he was wearing a tutu!

Oh, and you can't miss the amazing favor boxes we had. I would love to claim they were made by yours truly, but they instead were made by my amazingly talented mom. The base for these bad boys is the petite purse big shot die cut (get it HERE). Then she dressed them all up in a punch art fashion. So Adorable.

Next, head on over to the drinks. We had all sorts of water and pop bottles with customized labels (want the printable again? see this post: Birthday Bottle Labels). AND I was sure to add a place to write the guests name this year (nothing is quite so frustrating as realizing halfway through the party that you are out of drinks not because you didn't get enough, but because people can't figure out which one is their's anymore).

And with that, I think I better say farewell. You didn't come here for a novel after all! Flutter back later to see our totally Sesame Street Themed Menu!

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