April 14, 2011

Can you believe it... CARDS

I know, for a paper-crafting blog I show very little projects actually MADE with paper (as opposed to printed on it). It all has to do with the accessibility of my stamps (piled helter-skelter in the closet), where I have time to work on something other than raising an infant and taking care of the house (on the bus), and where my current interests lie (that one is obvious...).

However, this weekend I helped my mom out with a workshop/class/display that she was invited to. I was the "MDS teacher" who told everyone about My Digital Studio and the great things that it could do. In return, I got to make a set of cards from my mom's class for free! So I actually got to touch a stamp to paper for the first time in a LONG LONG time :)

Well, since I don't make much of my own in the way of paper projects, I thought that I just had to share these real, physical, crafts with you. I picked two of the three cards to share. The first is my favorite- it is so nice and bright, making me feel like spring.

The next one is just nice and simple, yet really elegant. This one is obviously themed for a wedding, but you could easily switch out the stamped sentiment for a different one and still keep the same effect. I love the rhinestones especially. Gives it that extra shine :)

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