January 30, 2011


As you finish up your holiday documentation don't forget to highlight the important people in your life. Sometimes we get so caught up in remembering the activities that we forget to remember the people. So, this is the last of my Christmas pages (although it is not really all that Christmasy besides the tree behind us in the background of the picture) in honor of the important people in my life that came to join us for the special day.

I realize the layout is pretty simple and there aren't a lot of embellishments. But I like how classy it turned out anyways. The only tip I can give from this page is this: sometimes you have to use multiple text boxes to achieve the look you want. I actually used five different boxes here. I had to split the "Starts & Ends" into two different boxes because the spacing on the font had them spread really far apart. I kept decreasing the space, but MDS will only let you go to -3.0 and this still wasn't as close as I wanted the lines to be together. So I split them up and kept them both at the same angle to retain the appearance of one text block.

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