September 4, 2010

Fall is in the Air

I love the smell of fall. Now, I've been told many times that what I'm smelling is the leaves falling off the tree and starting to decay... but I don't care. Don't ruin it for me- when the air starts to smell of fall it makes me happy!

I'm not sure why I like fall so much. Perhaps it is the pretty colors- the red, oranges, and yellows are everywhere making all the trees and plants look purdy. Then again, perhaps it is the decorations- grapevine wreaths, cornstalks, and pumpkins. Who knows- truth is, for whatever reason, or perhaps many reasons, fall is just my favorite season (even if it does lead into the dreaded winter).

So in honor of fall I created this digital card in MDS, which I hope to soon make a paper version of- once I steal some supplies from my mother :)

Enjoy, and check back later for the "paper" version.

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